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Some of the places I've headlined are the following:
  • Port of Edmonds outdoor summer music event, singer / songwriter performance as a jazz trio, two hours, July 30, 2023

  • Egan's Ballard Jam House, Seattle, WA

  • Port Gardner Bay Winery, Everett, WA

  • The Scotsman, Mukilteo, WA

  • Bhu Ping Restaurant, Everett, WA

Some of the places I've sat in are the following:
  • Fairmont Hotel, Seattle, WA

  • Sorrento Hotel, Seattle, WA

  • Capitol Hill Cider, Seattle, WA

  • SeaJazz concerts, Edmonds, WA

  • Owl & Thistle, Seattle, WA

  • North City Bistro, Seattle, WA

Egans Ballard Jam House

North City Bistro jam session

Egans vocal jam

Paragon Bar and Grill jam session